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Yacht, Ship and Vessel Aerial filming

drone boat filming

S.S Maria Theresa - Melk, Austria

Making your ship look incredible from the air

Filming yachts, boats and ships from the air isn't a new thing, but historically it has been an expensive case of hiring a helicopter crew and hoping that they got the shot you were hoping for.

The CloudVisual crew can join you on deck and launch from your vessel, or plan extensively to strategically meet with your ship along the course of a river. Live video feeds straight from the drone offer directors and producers the ability to get the exact shot and angle to showcase your ship.

Live stream to your Facebook followers, let them explore the boat with their phone in a 360 environment and watch incredible 4K videos of the vessel. Our experience and initiative will ensure that your boat is showcased in the best possible way.

Our photos and videos have been used for; Ship sales, Mast Inspections, River Cruise Marketing, Social Media, Brochures, Films and TV Advertising.

What We Offer Our Clients

The drones we fly are packed with features which makes us leaders in our industry. We don't charge you for extra features and will always try to maximise any opportunity to market your ship. Here's what we can offer you when you next set sail:

  • Filming up to Cinema 5K
  • 21MP stills
  • 360 Photos
  • Panoramic Photos
  • Facebook & YouTube Live Streaming
  • 360 Video
  • Sunrise and Sunset Photos and Video
  • Excursion Filming and Photography
  • Local Area Showcasing
drone yacht filming

Kirawira - Aegean Sea, Turkey

drone boat filming

Coboat - Greece


Our pricing reflects the amount of aerial filming we plan to do for each vessel. Bad weather days can affect filming, but we will never charge you for days lost due to the weather.

  • Yacht in UK Waters
  • Yacht in European Waters
  • Yacht outside the EU
  • Travel
    Agreed Prior to Filming

Why We're Different From The Rest

Operating drones from a boat or moving platform is a challenging environment for even the most experienced pilots. CloudVisual has years of experience working from RIBs to cruise ships and have the knowledge and procedures in place to ensure the highest levels of safety.

The drones we fly are equipped with the most advanced flight control systems in the world, which means that we can work without having to interrupt the journey for you or your clients.

drone boat filming

'Wookie' Hand Launch - The Solent, England

CloudVisual Maritime Services