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Working on the set of "Burn Burn Burn" we got to
be a part of an amazing film and provide their aerial footage.

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Film Sets & Drones

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Taking Your Movie To The Next Level

Deploying a drone onto a film set is easier than ever. Our systems are tried and tested, offering up to Cinema 5.2K CinemaDNG in unrivalled RAW format.

Even out smallest drone carries enough camera power to warrant 'film grade' footage.

Filming up to Cinema 5.2K CinemaDNG using a cinema-grade camera, our drones are more than capable of working on anything from independant releases to Hollywood blockbusters.

Fast deployable smaller drones, or heavy lift hexacopter for your own cameras, our drones offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Hard to reach angles
  • Cityscapes (with permission)
  • Chase scenes
  • A safe means of acquiring aerial shots
drone film set


Unlike our other price plans, film set work is one of the hardest to specifically price, due to the complexities of each film, the requirements of the Director and Producers, risk mitigation and notoriously difficult locations.

We aim to make your aerial shots affordable, but with the same "WOW!" factor as a helicopter chase or cinematic ending. To achieve this, we film up to an incredible Cinema 5.2K (5280x2972) at 30FPS CinemaDNG and Cinema 4K at 60FPS CineDNG an impressive 4.2Gbps

With a bitrate of up to 4.2Gbps, filmed in LOG (or almost any settings preference), our drones can offer your film the quality it deserves.

Pricing for film shoots begins at £1250 per day. However, we will need to discuss your specific requirements for the shoot.

The full camera specs available to our clients:

    5.2K (5280x2972) RAW 30FPS 4.2Gbps. CinemaDNG / ProRes 422HQ

    4K (4096x2160) RAW 60FPS 4Gbps. CinemaDNG / H.265 / H.264

    Full HD (1920x1080) 120 FPS 100Mbps. H.265 /H.264

Please call us on 01582 855250 to discuss your production

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