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Distribution Centre - Cranfield

Providing Timely and Precise Video and Photo Updates to your Development Projects from the Air

Working closely with Site and Project Managers, the CloudVisual team offer an array of drones for filming, photographing and surveying construction projects.

We understand the importance of progress reports and use our drones to deliver key information to the relevant teams. Aerial photography offers an overall better site overview and can convey month by month changes in a very simple way.

Safety is our number one priority and each member of the CloudVisual team holds a CSCS Certification combined with years of experience flying drones on busy and demanding development sites.

What We Offer Our Clients

The drones we operate are packed with features which sets us apart and makes us leaders in our industry. We can offer construction clients a broad range of cutting edge drone and camera technologies.

Public House - Facilities Management

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New Homes - Harpenden


  • Photography, Film and Survey
  • Single Day Site Update
  • Multi Day Site Update
    £550 Per Visit
  • Photography & Survey
  • Single Day Site Update
  • Multi Day Site Update
    £300 Per Visit
  • Site Recce

Why We're Different From The Rest

Working on construction projects, big or small requires a thorough understanding of safety and site rules. Each member of the team holds a CSCS card and has extensive experience working on construction sites and live highways.

Thorough planning goes into every job we undertake and we aim to satisfy even the strictest of Health & Safety Managers using our thorough task-specific RAMS Risk & Method Statement, combined with on site risk assessments and pre-deployment surveys.

Safety is our number one priority and we ensure that this is upheld during even the most challenging construction projects.

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CSCS Qualified Staff - Setting Standards

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