Aerial 3D Photogrammetry and Mapping Using Drones

drone 3d mapping

Accurate Photogrammetry in Record Breaking Time

Drone mapping and photogrammetry is now so efficient using our cutting edge drones and applications, that we can plan, process and deliver an area up to 1KM² containing land and/or buildings in under 24 hours!

Our price structure is based on the total image size per 0.1KM²

Prices starting at £250 for 1.6GB of images per 0.1KM².
(The above example is at an altitude of 30M and processed to 1.6Gb/0.1KM² quality)

Based on the site and obstacles, flying lower will yield a better Ground Sampling Distance (GSD), which can save further processing expenses.

For higher GSD Quality, we offer a tiered system. When flying lower is not an option, more photos need to be taken to raise the GSD.

Most sites will be suited to the base £250 per 0.1KM² price point, but should you require a more detailled 3D model a higher image density, a competitively priced system is in place, which offers a much more accurate resolution from your aerial images.

3d drone photogrammetry
drone aerial mapping

Mapping to a New Higher Standard

Aerial maps from the likes of Google and Bing are great, but they don't offer any real use for detailing an area down to centimeter resolution. At best you can make out the shadow of a person walking.

We offer extremely high resolution mapping, which takes up to ten minutes per acre to photograph. Given the speed and rapid deployment of this, we can offer our clients a much larger area for our base price of £250.

For just £250 you can achieve centimeter accuracy on the ground, across 0.1KM²!, with more affordable options for larger scale projects.


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Plans starting from £350 per 0.1KM² for Photogrammetry & £250 per 0.1KM² for Mapping


  • Up to 1.6 Gigabytes - £350 per 0.1KM²
  • 1.6-3.2Gb - £450 per 0.1KM²
  • 3.2-6.5Gb - £650 per 0.1KM²
  • 6.5-13Gb - £750 per 0.1KM²
  • 13-26Gb - £1000 per 0.1KM²


  • Up to 1.6 Gigabytes - £250 per 0.1KM²
  • 1.6-3.2Gb - £350 per 0.1KM²
  • 3.2-6.5Gb - £550 per 0.1KM²
  • 6.5-13Gb - £650 per 0.1KM²
  • 13-26Gb - £950 per 0.1KM²

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