4 January 2018
  • drones scotland
  • Fresh into 2018 and there's already loads on the horizon.

    We've teamed up with the stock footage agency, OverflightStock.com, on a tour to film the landscapes and beauty of Scotland. The three week trip will cover thousands of miles to capture hundreds of clips for use as stock footage

    So what is this all about?

    As you can probably tell, I travel the world filming and the trips are predominantly to film stock footage, which is a key area of the business. Stock agencies sell footage to use in film and broadcast for a lower price than it would cost to hire a cameraman or drone operator.

    The footage I shoot is purchased and used all over the world and these sales help fund the trips away. However, one of the agencies I use, Overflight Stock have kindly sponsored this trip to Scotland as part of a project to enhance the collection of footage for this region.

    drones scotland

    So over the Christmas dining table I formulated a plan and decided to pitch the idea before the New Year to Peter, the CEO at Overflight Stock and he was more than happy to make this happen. I had a map of places I wanted to visit and there wasn't much convincing needed!

    My map looked like this and seemed like a reasonably good way to spend my January!

    drone map

    Let the adventure begin...