5 March 2015

IAATO To Put an End to Drone Flights in Antarctica

I had the pleasure of visiting Berlin for the opening of the ITB travel market, in the hope of meeting prospective clients from around the globe.

There are times when you stand back and admit "I've learned something new today" and I got hit with a big one of those yesterday, whilst meeting an Antarctic travel company.

Having a good grasp of where you can and can't fly a drone, due to airspace laws and national aviation rulings is critical, as I mentioned in previous blogs. However it's safe to say that assuming that Antarctica is a place you can fly, without any fear of breaking any laws is what caught me off guard the most!

The IAATO - International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators is putting through a ruling to stop ALL UAV and drone flights in their airspace, due to the disruption caused by tourists and commercial operators to the wildlife.

More information can be found here