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About us

We are a small creative team, using cutting edge drone and UAV technology,
trying to make aerial photography, surveying & filming more affordable.
Qualified and certified to fly drones in UK Airspace by the Civil Aviation Authority


We're very proud of the aerial videos we get to make and the places we get to visit.
Enjoy some of the videos we've made possible.

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Our Services

Hiring a drone pilot has never been easier, but getting one which is qualified to undertake commercial aerial drone filming is critical. CloudVisual work with a broad range of clients in a huge variety of industries, including Films, Adverts, Estate Agencies, TV Productions and Marketing Launches. With a maximum takeoff weight of eighteen kilogrammes, lifting up to eleven kilos of cameras or equipment, our largest drone can carry almost all cameras and surveying tools.

Based in Hertfordshire, our offices are perfectly positioned to serve London, the rest of UK and Europe.

Here are some of the industries our drones are used in. This is by no means all we can offer, as the industry is ever-evolving and the ease and affordability of hiring a drone is opening up unique industries and ideas to film, photograph and survey.

Some interesting facts about us

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Logged Flight Hours
Satisfied Clients
Safety Record

Our Portfolio

See what we have achieved for our clients

What the clients say:

  • "We were able to get stunning images of our development, which would have been out of our budget and scope if we had looked to hire a helicopter crew."

    - Hill Partnerships -
  • "We have been filming for a number of years and working with these guys has opened our eyes to new opportunities. Top work and an amazing team."

    - highwaysindustry.com -
  • "This is the way the industry is moving and CloudVisual proved that drone filming can be achieved in an efficient, affordable and safe manner."

    - Red Green Blue Productions -
  • "A big thank you to you and India for your professionalism, creative input and client liaison."

    - BBTV -


We have a team of passionate and experienced people to handle your complex and challenging projects. Each member of our staff is carefully selected to ensure maximum quality in service delivery.

Will Harford

Drone Pilot

"Will is the Visual Director and Drone Pilot. He studied at Resource Group to earn the UAV RPQ-s Qualification to become a certified CAA Drone Pilot. Will also builds hobby drones and enjoys experimenting with new drone designs and technologies to better the UAV, aerial photography and filming industry."

India Wallington

Camera Operator

"A talented girl with a passion for helping us make amazing films. India has worked as a Camera Operator on a vast number of exciting projects and has helped us on some of our greatest achievements. India also loves horse riding and shopping, although we're not entirely sure which one she loves the most!"

Ed Regan

Drone Pilot

"Ed is part of an elite few CASA Certified Drone Operators in Australia and manages the overseas CloudVisual operations. He specialises in aerial surveying, mapping and flying specialist equipment for government and large-scale technical operations."

Joe Graham

Camera Operator

"Joe is a professional travel and adventure photographer and he brings his wealth of experience to the CloudVisual team. He travels the world photographing the most breathtaking scenery and up-close street shots."

We are passionate about aerial film

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Contact us

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We would love to discuss your project

01582 855250

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Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, our office is located 25 miles North of London. Come and see us! We don't just fly drones; we provide experience, expertise, know-how and consultancy services, and are able to offer a wide range of pricing options which may include flexible rates for multi drone flight projects.

We utilise a local airstrip near St Albans to undertake drone flight tests and training, which means we can show potential clients our drones in a safe working environment.

Call us:

01582 855250

CloudVisual Office

Unit 3, Kinloch Court
Station Road

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Drone services in Australia are provided by CloudVisual Australia, CASA certified Drone Operator.

Thanks to DroneFly.com, for their video of the S800.

Thanks to Richard Keyser Photography, for his production photographs.